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After Trump (A.T.™) refers to the time period on the Gregorian calendar which specifies life after the ascension of Donald Trump to the Presidency. November 7, 2016 started what became known as After Trump (A.T.™) time. President Trump will have the opportunity, and will seize the opportunity, to appoint Supreme Court Justices who will interpret the law and the Constitution of the United States of America and not "rewrite" it. Donald J. Trump will bring the Senate and the Congress together to write new laws to represent what WE THE PEOPLE want and demand. Donald J. Trump is widely known and respected for his ability to negotiate and close magnificent deals in addition to running his companies in a cost effective manner. Donald J. Trump will uphold the laws and, most importantly, our founding fathers intention of the Constitution of United States of America. Donald J. Trump has committed himself to addressing the very urgent matters pertaining to the stability and security of our country such as illegal immigration, reforming taxation, growing the economy, getting people back to work, building our military and keeping us safe from any and all evil forces both from within and outside of our country. President Trump will reduce the size of our Federal government and allow the individual States of the Union to govern their own States. President Trump will eliminate the unnecessary departments currently governing in the Federal departments that should ONLY be controlled by the individual States. President Trump will reduce regulations that have shackled us, as businesses and as individuals, to succeed and will bring companies back to OUR country to prosper and make MADE IN THE USA a proud symbol to bear. Donald J. Trump has also resolved to reverse and improve the horror of our healthcare conundrum. In addition, Donald J. Trump has committed to restoring our valued Veterans to their 100% deserved five star, first class status. Donald J. Trump stands by and for his words. THE TRUTH. Donald J. Trump will truly MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

This Before Trump/After Trump (B.T.™/A.T.™) Timeline clearly illustrates the havoc President Obama has wreaked upon The United States of America and also clearly illustrates how and why Donald J. Trump will, without a shred of doubt, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Please click on ALL statements for verification.

A.T.™[edit | edit source]

Life "After Trump"[edit | edit source]

Life in the After Trump era will be a glorious time for us all!
The start of the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.
  • America MADE GREAT AGAIN![1]
  • LESS Government - MORE Freedoms
  • Simplified and Fair Tax Reform[2]
  • Second Amendment Rights[3]
  • Government Websites (LOW COST) that Work Phenomenally and Are Secure
  • Skyrocketing Employment[6]
  • Keystone Pipeline[7]
  • STERLING Credit Rating
  • U.S. Winner in Trade[9]
  • Veterans Receive Best of Everything[10]
  • The Art of the Deal[11]
  • Clean Air, Clean Water and JOBS[12]
  • Education Up to the STATE[13]
  • Eradicating Terrorists[14]
  • WAS-WAS[15]
  • RESPECTED among World Leaders[16]
  • Building Our Military[17]
  • Standing with ISRAEL[18]
  • Social Security FIXED[19]
  • RESPECT for Women and Life[20]
  • HELPS We the People[21]
  • ALL Lives Matter[22]
  • Best Phone! Best Pen! And Twitter!
  • TRUTH[23]

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