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The 2017 Women's March was a series of political rallies that took place in cities around the world on January 21, 2017, with the goals of: protesting against Donald J. Trump's positions and Presidency; promoting women's rights, immigration reform, climate science, and health care reform; countering religious discrimination, violence against women, and LGBTQ abuse; and addressing racial inequities (e.g. Black Lives Matter), workers' issues, and environmental issues.[1]

United States[edit | edit source]

Listed below are 680 marches in the U.S. in support of the 2017 Women's March.

State Cities Photo Approximate attendance Notes
Womens March on Washington.jpg
500,000[2] Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe announced that he would attend the march instead of the inaugural parade. McAuliffe said he would be marching in Washington with his wife Dorothy, Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam and Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.[3] There were no arrests.[4][5]
 Alabama Birmingham 5,000–10,000[6] The march started at Kelly Ingram Park.[7]
Huntsville 100 Protesters assembled on a street corner.[8]
Mentone[9] 70+[10] Protestors assembled at the intersection of Alabama Highway 89 and 117. About 50 people of the total population of 360 showed up.[11]
Mobile 900–1,000[12] Protesters assembled in Public Safety Memorial Park and the march lasted approximately 30 minutes.[12]
 Alaska Adak 10[13] Ten people demonstrated at the westernmost city in the Aleutian Islands.[13]
Anchorage 3,500[13][14] Thousands protested at the Delaney Park Strip.[13]
Bethel 40–80[13][15] Participants had signs in both English and Yup'ik.[15]
Craig 25 "Dozens of people came out for the Women’s March in Craig, Saturday Jan. 21, 2017." (pics 11, 58, 62-65 of 65)[16]
Cordova[17] 100+[18]
Fairbanks 2,000[19] People rallied in subzero temperatures.[13]
Gustavus[17] 100s (hundreds) [20] The march began at the "Welcome to Gustavus" sign by the airport and ended at the Sunnyside at 4 Corners[21] Approximately 100 of the town's 400 residents showed up. Photos and video of Gustavus march.[22][23]
Haines[17] 150[14] The march took place in cold and windy conditions.[16][24]
Homer[13] 900[14][25]
Juneau[17] 1,000 Protesters gathered at the Alaska State Capitol.[26][27]
Ketchikan 220[14][28]
Kodiak 330[14][29] Protesters began in the high school parking lot, looped around downtown and ended at the library.[30]
Kotzebue[17] 35–36[citation needed] Photos at blog of march, but number of participants not stated (photos show roughly 35 people). Conditions were extremely cold.[31][32][33]
Moose Pass 15[16]
Nome 100[14][34]
Palmer[17] 900–1,000[35]
Seldovia[17] 45 [25]
Seward 54–70[citation needed]
Sitka[17] 700[14]
Skagway[24] 112 Organizer Annie Kidd Matsov stated that turnout was much higher than expected.[24]
Soldotna[17] 200–322 Participants started at the library and marched along part of the Kenai Spur Highway that looped back to the library. The march was followed by a community gathering in the library.[36]
Talkeetna[17] 80[14]
Unalakleet 38[13] Demonstrators marched in the village.[13] The temperature in Unalakleet was −40 degrees Fahrenheit with the wind chill factor.[13]
Utqiagvik (Barrow) 60[37][14] Participants in Alaska's northernmost city braved temperatures that reached 16 below zero to take part in the event.
Valdez[17] 100–140[38]
 Arizona Flagstaff 1,200–2,000[39] Despite nearly two feet of snow, a biting wind and initial guesses that Flagstaff's 'March for Love' would only attract 200 people, the Flagstaff Police Department estimated that up to 2,000 people attended.
Green Valley 400[40] Possibly "the largest rally in Green Valley history", the rally occupied all four corners and medians at intersection of Esperanza Boulevard and La Canada Drive.[40]
Protestor at Women's March, Phoenix AZ, USA Jan 21, 2017.jpg
20,000[39] The march progressed from the Capitol south to Jefferson, east to 15th Avenue, north to Monroe Street, west to 17th Avenue and back to the Capitol. Speakers at rallies before and after the march included State Rep. Athena Salman (Tempe), U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego, disability-rights activist Jennifer Longdon, who noted that moments after Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, the White House website was overhauled to remove pages dedicated to disabilities, civil rights, and LGBT issues, Jodi Liggett, Planned Parenthood's vice president of public affairs, and Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes.[39]
Prescott 1,200[41] Protesters marched around the courthouse.[42]
Tucson Tucson Rally Panoramic .jpg 15,000[39][43][44] The demonstration was peaceful,[39] with no incidents or arrests reported.[45]
Yuma 250+ [46][47] March held on February 5.
Other Arizona towns Marches were also held in Ajo, Sedona, Jerome, Gold Canyon, and Bisbee.[39]
 Arkansas Bentonville 500+ Participants gathered in the Bentonville square.[48]
Fayetteville 100+ Hundreds rallied outside of the Washington County Courthouse.[49]
Little Rock 7,000[50][51] Protesters marched to the Arkansas State Capitol Building.
 California Albany 500[52]
Avalon 44[53]
Berkeley 200–1,000[54]
Beverly Hills[55] 250–300[citation needed]
Bishop 580[56]
Borrego Springs 140–150[citation needed]
Burbank 300[57]
Chico 100s (hundreds) "Hundreds" marched through Downtown Chico.[58]
Compton A rally was held in Compton.[59]
El Centro 100 A rally was held at Cardenas Market.[60]
Encinitas 50[61]
Eureka 2017 Women's March.jpg
5,000–8,000[62][63] Thousands marched.[62][63]
Fairfax 25–60[citation needed]
Fort Bragg 2,500–2,800[64]
Fresno 2,000[65] Protesters gathered at an intersection in North Fresno.[65]
Gualala[66] 300[67]
Hemet 100+[68]
Kings Beach[69] 500–800[70]
Laguna Beach 100s (hundreds)[71][72]
Long Beach 200[75]
Lompoc 300[76][77]
Los Angeles
Demonstrators fill streets, sidewalks, and plazas on a sunny day. A tall, white building stands in the background.
750,000 The Los Angeles Police Department stated that "well past" 100,000 people attended the march, but did not attempt to make a more specific estimate. Officials stated that the march was the largest in Los Angeles since a 2006 immigration march attended by 500,000 people.[78] The Los Angeles Daily News reported that 750,000 people were in the crowd.[79] Organizers also said that 750,000 people had participated in the march.[80]
Modesto 1,000[81] The march was planned less than a week in advance, and drew a crowd of nearly 1,000 people.[82]
Monterey Bay 1,500[83]
Mt. Shasta 400[84]
Napa 3,000+[85] Protesters lined up roads in downtown Napa.
Nevada City 100[86]
Oakhurst 200[65] Protesters lined the road to Yosemite National Park from Oakhurst, near Madera, California.
Oakland Women's March, 1-21-17 (32328542731).jpg
Ontario 200[88]
Palm Desert < 1,000[89] Merged with the Palm Springs Women's March.[90]
Palmdale 24[91]
Pasadena 500+[92]
Redding 300[93]
Redondo Beach 1,800[94]
Redwood City 5,000 The rally was "inspired by and held in solidarity with" Saturday's Women's March on Washington, organizers said. Joan Baez performed and Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-Menlo Park, and state Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo spoke.[95]
Ridgecrest 180–200[96]
Riverside 4,000 Thousands marched along the Downtown Main Street Mall.[97][98]
Sacramento Women's March - Jim Heaphy - 08.jpg
20,000[99] 20,000 marched from Southside Park to the California State Capitol.
San Bernardino 80[100]
San Clemente 100s (hundreds)[101] One organizer said that 652 had attended.[101]
San Diego
Marchers with signs walk down a street from right to left. Buildings and palm trees stand in the background.
40,000–50,000 Two marches were held. One march in downtown San Diego had an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 attend, and another in neighboring San Marcos, California had an estimated 10,000 attend.[102][103] A march with 50 senior citizens took place at the Seacrest Village retirement center.[104]
San Francisco
Women's March Civic Center.jpg
100,000–150,000[105][106] The rally was held at Civic Center Plaza, where San Francisco City Hall was lit pink in observance of the protest.[107] Performer and activist Joan Baez serenaded the crowd with "We Shall Overcome" in Spanish.[108]
San Jose
San Jose Women's March (32412917466).jpg
San Luis Obispo 7,000–10,000[111] Protesters marched through downtown.[112]
San Marcos 3,000–10,000[113][103]
Santa Ana 20,000–25,000[114][72]
Santa Barbara 6,000 More than 6,000 protestors rallied in De La Guerra Plaza. Both women and men participated.[115][116]
Santa Cruz
15,000+[117] Several people commented that it was the largest march in Santa Cruz history.[118]
Santa Rosa 5,000 People marched through downtown Santa Rosa. Former representative Lynn Woolsey and Representative Jared Huffman spoke.[119]
Seaside 1,500–2,000[83]
2017 Women's March in Sonoma, California - Stierch.jpg
3,000 Marchers proceeded around the historic Sonoma Plaza, blocking traffic for over an hour.[120]
South Lake Tahoe 500–700 Marched from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Stateline, Nevada to South Lake Tahoe Senior Center.[121][122]
Women's March, Ukiah, California.jpg
2,000 Attendees gathered at Alex R. Thomas Jr. Plaza. Joelle Schultz, director of Ukiah's Planned Parenthood, addressed the crowd along with local activists.[123]
Vallejo 40 Protesters marched from the Vallejo Ferry Building to City Hall.[124]
Ventura 2,500[125][126]
Visalia 500[127] A demonstration occurred at Blain Park.[65]
Walnut Creek
Walnut Creek Women's March (32092413170).jpg
10,000[128] Streets were closed as thousands marched in downtown Walnut Creek. Speakers included Nancy Skinner, Eric Swalwell, Steve Glazer and Mark DeSaulnier.[128]
Watsonville 300–500[citation needed]
Willits 60[73]
Yucca Valley 100[129]
 Colorado Alamosa[130] 350[131] The march began at the corner of Hwy. 160 and Richardson Ave. in Alamosa, went down and around the hospital, and then back to the campus.[131]
Aspen 500[132]–1,000[133] Protesters marched to Wagner Park.[134]
Broomfield 200+[135]
Carbondale 200–300[136]
Colorado Springs 7,000[137] People marched through downtown Colorado Springs.[137]
Cortez 400–504[138]
Crested Butte[139] 350–400[140]
Democracy in Action (32072236320).jpg
100,000–200,000[141] A protest occurred at the Civic Center.[141]
Durango 100s (hundreds)[142]
Glenwood Springs[143] 100[citation needed] "In Colorado, thousands attended a march in Denver, including at least two busloads of women from the Roaring Fork Valley; 200-300 men and women marched in Carbondale; others marched in Glenwood Springs."[144]
Grand Junction 1,000[145]
Lafayette 66–112[citation needed]
Ridgway 50[citation needed]
Silverton 33[citation needed]
Steamboat Springs 1,000 Protesters started marching at Bud Werner Memorial Library and ended at Third Street. A rally was then held at the Routt County Courthouse.[146]
Telluride[147] 200–1,000[53] Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy noted that half the residents of the town participated.[53]
 Connecticut East Haddam 100–500 Hundreds rallied in East Haddam, near New London, Connecticut.[148]
Hartford 10,000 The march had the support of Governor Dannel Malloy.[149][150]
New Haven 200[151]
Old Saybrook[152] 1,000 Participants marched down Main Street and gathered in front of Town Hall.[153][154]
Salisbury 500[155]
Stamford 5,000 People marched peacefully in Stamford, Connecticut, after a rally in the Mill River Park.[156] The protesters marched around the city blocks surrounding the Trump Parc Stamford building, a building managed by the Trump Organization,[157] in a display of resistance to President Donald Trump's policies. The number of demonstrators was reportedly four times larger than organizers expected,[156] according to event Organizer, Lisa Boyne.[158] The rally was originally planned to be held indoors at the UCONN, Stamford campus, but was moved outdoors to the Mill River Park when attendance was expected to exceed 800.[159]
 Delaware Lewes 250+ People walked along Lewes Beach in Cape Henlopen State Park in solidarity.[160]
Newark 1,000 People participated in a 2.4-mile march.[161]
Boca Raton 120 A "Stand up for American Values" rally organized by the local Democratic club was held at the corner of Glades Road and St. Andrews Boulevard.[162]
Daytona Beach 100s (hundreds) A few hundred protesters assembled at a bandstand in town and sang Give Peace a Chance.[163]
Fernandina Beach 1,000–1,300[164] The local newspaper gave a "rough estimate" of 1,000 attendees at the downtown march, while the Fernandina Beach police chief estimated 1,300.[164][165] The Fernandina Beach News-Leader wrote that the rally "may have been the largest number of people to participate in a march on Amelia Island since federal troops invaded in March 1862."[164]
Gainesville 1,500 People rallied along Newberry Road.[166]
Jacksonville 2,000–3,000[167] Thousands marched through the streets to the Jacksonville Landing.[168]
Key West 3,200 Crowds marched down Duval Street to Mallory Square. Marion County Commissioner Heather Carruthers spoke at the event and organizer Jamie Mattingly led the crowds in a rendition of John Lennon's Imagine.[169][170]
Melbourne 500 A demonstration was held on the Eau Gallie Causeway[171]
Miami Beach[citation needed]
Miami 10,000+ The demonstration at Bayfront Park in Miami, Florida reached capacity of more than 10,000 and demonstrators began flooding the streets.[172][173]
Naples 2,500 Protesters gathered at Cambier Park and then marched through the streets.[174]
New Smyrna Beach 1,000 Protesters marched across the North Causeway.[163]
Ocala 300[175] Rally at the downtown square
Orlando 1,000s (thousands)[176] The demonstration was held at Lake Eola Park, in Downtown.[176]
Panama City 500[177] A rally was held at McKenzie Park, followed by a protest march down Harrison Avenue.
Pensacola 2,000[178] A demonstration was held at the Plaza de Luna.
Sarasota 10,000 Author Stephen King participated in the march.[179]
St. Augustine 2,000+[180] Marchers walked across Bridge of Lions and a rally was held in the Plaza de la Constitucion.[181]
St. Petersburg 20,000+ Over 20,000 people marched in downtown St. Petersburg, making it the largest demonstration in the city's history.[182][183]
Tallahassee 14,000+[184] Over 14,000 people of the capital's communities showed up to protest. Despite forecasts for heavy rain, the crowd poured into the Railroad Square Arts location before marching up the road to the Florida A&M University Recreation center. Most of the protesters turned out for the march, and due to the small indoor venue, less than a tenth of those attending were able to view the speakers rally. This may be the largest protest in Florida's capitol history.
West Palm Beach 5,000–7,000[185][186] The event was at the Meyer Amphitheatre.[162]
Georgia (U.S. state) Georgia Athens 700[187] A rally was held at the Classic Center venue near the Athena statue.
Womens-march-07881 (32298946482).jpg
60,000[188] John Lewis attended the Atlanta rally, which saw more than 60,000 march to the Georgia State Capitol.[188]
Augusta 600[189]
Savannah 1,000+ Hundreds of protesters converged upon Johnson and Wright Squares.[190]
Statesboro 200 A march on at Georgia Southern University drew around 200 participants, who marched from Sweetheart Circle to the Rotunda, where they then held a rally.[191]
Zebulon 35 "The 35 folks who braved a storm in Zebulon, Georgia."[192]
 Guam Hagåtña 100+ Participants marched in the Fanohge Famalao'an: Guåhan March in solidarity.[193]
 Hawaii Hilo 1,500–2,000[194]
Honolulu (Oahu) 3,000–8,000[195][196] Thousands of people marched.[197]
People stand and sit on a green lawn before a sunny sky.
1,500–2,000[198][199] The march was assembled at University of Hawaii Maui College.[200]
Kawaihae 50[201]
Kona 3,000–3,500[202]
Lihue (Kauai) 1,500[203][204]
 Idaho Boise 5,000[205] The march took place in initially heavy snow that turned to rain.
Driggs 1,000+[206][207]
Idaho Falls 500[208]
Ketchum 1,150+[209]
Moscow 2,500+ Titled "Women's March on the Palouse", the event was centered in Moscow, ID near Washington State University and University of Idaho. The march started at Moscow City Hall and ended at East City Park.[210]
Pocatello 1,000–1,200[211][212]
Sandpoint 800–1,000[213]
Stanley 30[214]
 Illinois Carbondale 800–1,000[215][216]
Champaign-Urbana 5,000[217] 5,000 people gathered at West Side Park in downtown Champaign.
Women's March Chicago (31651531463).jpg
250,000[218] Organizers for the sister march in Chicago, Illinois, initially prepared for a crowd of 22,000.[219] An estimated 250,000 protesters[220] gathered in Grant Park for an initial rally to be followed by a march, with attendance far more than expected.[221] As a result, the official march was cancelled, although marchers then flooded the streets of the Chicago Loop.[222] Liz Radford, an organizer, informed the crowd, "We called, and you came. We have flooded the march route. We have flooded Chicago."[221]
Elgin 200–1,000
Galesburg 100–500[223]
Maryville 40–50[citation needed]
Peoria 1,500–2,000[224][225][226] The rally was held from 10 am to noon at the Gateway Building.[227] Among the speakers were state representative Jehan Gordon-Booth. A follow-up Facebook group was formed to maintain organization for future rallies.[225]
Rockford 1,000[228] Rally in Downtown.
Springfield 1,000+[229] Dick Durbin spoke to the rally at the Old State Capitol.
 Indiana Evansville 200+ Hundreds gathered at the Four Freedoms Monument along the downtown waterfront on January 20.[230][231]
Fort Wayne 1,000 An estimated 1,000 people rallied in the Allen County Courthouse Square Saturday afternoon to support women's rights, celebrate diversity and send a message to the White House.[232]
2017 women's march - Indianapolis - Lori Byrd-McDevitt.jpg
4,500–5,000[233] The protest at the Indiana State Capitol[234] is the largest rally in recent memory.[235]
Lafayette 800[236] An estimated 800 people rallied at the Tippecanoe County Courthouse.[237]
Paoli 67 Photo showing 67 participants, but no number stated.[238]
South Bend 1,000+[239][240]
St. Mary of the Woods[241] 200 "More than 200 people from Terre Haute and beyond attended the one-hour event."[242]
Terre Haute 200 Around 200 people protested, first at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, then at the Vigo County Courthouse, and then by a march through Downtown Terre Haute.[243]
Valparaiso 260–500[244]
 Iowa Bettendorf 100s (hundreds) Several hundred people from around the Quad Cities region participated.[245] The crowd overflowed onto the lawn of the United Steelworkers local where the rally was held.[246]
Decorah Women's March.jpg
800–1,000[247] Protesters marched to the Winneshiek County Courthouse.
Des Moines
Des Moines Womens March, January 21 2017.jpg
26,000[248] The march near the Iowa State Capitol included women, men and children supporting women's rights and healthcare, environmental issues, and immigration[248]
Dubuque 400[249]
Iowa City
Women's March (Iowa City) 02.jpg
1,000[250] Over a thousand people marched a half-mile to the Old Capitol Building, where State Rep. Mary Mascher, D-Iowa City addressed the crowd.
 Kansas Topeka
Women's March Topeka, KS 2017 (32072046960).jpg
Wichita 3,000 Protesters marched to City Hall.[253]
 Kentucky Lexington 5,000[254]
Louisville 5,000[255] People showed up at Louisville's Metro Hall for The Rally To Move Forward in Louisville, Kentucky.[255] Congressman John Yarmuth from Louisville was scheduled to speak.[256]
Murray 700[257]
Pikeville 100[258]
 Louisiana Monroe A march was held through downtown Monroe.[259]
New Orleans 10,000–15,000[260]
Shreveport 100s (hundreds) Hundreds of people marched around the Caddo Parish Courthouse in Shreveport to demonstrate their solidarity with the Women's March on Washington.[261]
 Maine Augusta 10,000+[262] There were 5,000 people registered to attend the rally in Augusta. In fact, 10,000 people attended, making this the largest Women's March in the state. The crowd assembled for speeches at the State House.[263]
Brunswick 300[264]
Eastport[265] 111[266] "Over 100 people from 13 communities walked in the march in Eastport, which started in front of the schools at 10 a.m. and ended at the Fish Pier parking lot."[266]
Ellsworth 60 "Another sister march in Portland drew 10,000 marchers, with smaller demonstrations taking place in Brunswick, Sanford, Tenants Harbor, Vinalhaven, Kennebunk, Ellsworth, Eastport, Lubec, Gouldsboro and Fort Kent."[267]
Gouldsboro[267] 25–45 "Another sister march in Portland drew 10,000 marchers, with smaller demonstrations taking place in Brunswick, Sanford, Tenants Harbor, Vinalhaven, Kennebunk, Ellsworth, Eastport, Lubec, Gouldsboro and Fort Kent."[267]
Fort Kent[267] "Another sister march in Portland drew 10,000 marchers, with smaller demonstrations taking place in Brunswick, Sanford, Tenants Harbor, Vinalhaven, Kennebunk, Ellsworth, Eastport, Lubec, Gouldsboro and Fort Kent."[267]
Kennebunk[265] 100s (hundreds)[268]
Lubec[267] 100s (hundreds) [266]
Monhegan Island 22[citation needed]
Portland Portland Maine Women's March.jpg 10,000+ People marched in one of the largest protest marches ever held in Portland and drew far more people than expected. Portland police said the size of the orderly protest crowd was "of historic proportions".[269]
Tenants Harbor[267] 50-60[271]
Vinalhaven[265] 76–100
 Maryland Accident 54[272]
Annapolis 1,600[273] People marched along Main Street to the Maryland State House in Maryland's capital city.[274]
Baltimore 5,000[275] A sister women's march took place outside of Johns Hopkins University in North Baltimore. Notable figures included former Maryland Senator Paul Sarbanes and State's Attorney for Baltimore Marilyn Mosby.[276] Additional marchers en route to Washington, D.C., were lined up around the block at Pennsylvania Station waiting for MARC express trains to Union Station.
Frederick 1,000[277] Protestors began marching at Market and Patrick Streets to Carroll Creek Park in Downtown Frederick.[277]
Ocean City 100s (hundreds) Hundreds of protesters marched along the boardwalk to the Division Street Plaza.[278][279]
St. Mary's City 10[citation needed]
 Massachusetts Boston 150,000–175,000[280][281][282] A women's march took place at the Boston Common in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. United States Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey spoke to the crowd.[283] An estimated 150,000[282] to 175,000[284] people attended.
Falmouth 1,500[285]
Greenfield 2,000+[286]
Martha's Vineyard 100[287]
Nantucket 400[288]
Northampton 1,000+[289] Over a thousand people marched through downtown Northampton, ending with a peaceful demonstration at Pulaski Park where various local activists gave speeches.
Pittsfield 1,640[290] More than double the number of people that organizer's expected came to the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield to protest and watch the coverage of the Washington, D.C., march. The event concluded with a staged reading of monologues responding to the election and cultural climate.
Provincetown 300+[291][292] Hundreds marched at the tip of Cape Cod to the MacMillan Pier in Provincetown Harbor.
Wellfleet 113[citation needed] Pictures of the march from participants' Facebook pages, but number of marchers not stated.[293]
Worcester Low turnout[294]
 Michigan Adrian 130–150[295]
Ann Arbor
Debbie Dingell Ann Arbor Women's March IMG 6788.jpg
11,000 Protesters rallied in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and attended a speech afterwards by U.S. Representative Debbie Dingell (pictured) on the University of Michigan campus.[296]
Brighton 300 300 rallied at Brighton Mill Pond.[297]
Clare[298] 24
Detroit 4,000 People protested at the campus of Wayne State University in Midtown Detroit.[299][300]
Douglas-Saugatuck 1,200–2,500[301]
Grand Rapids 100s (hundreds) People gathered for a rally at the Fountain Street Church before marching through Downtown to the Rosa Parks Circle.[302]
Grosse Pointe 1,143–1,300
Houghton 500+ People participated in a march across the Portage Lake Lift Bridge between Houghton and Hancock in Michigan's largely conservative Upper Peninsula.[303]
Kalamazoo 1,000+ The march proceeded from WMU's campus along West Michigan Avenue to the Kalamazoo Mall downtown.[304]
March on Lansing.jpg
10,000 Thousands gathered at the Michigan State Capitol in solidarity of all groups who have been marginalized by the actions of the man now leading this country.
Marquette Michigan participants in the Women's March.jpg
Midland 400 A bus carrying a third of the Tri-Cities' Washington, D.C.-bound marchers experienced mechanical problems, which increased the attendance at the downtown Midland protest.[307]
Sault Ste Marie 40[308]
Tecumseh 35
Traverse City 3,000[309]
Ypsilanti[310] 1,500[311]
 Minnesota Bemidji 250–500[312]
Cambridge 22[citation needed]
Duluth 1,400[313] People marched through the Skywalk System in Downtown Duluth, filling it from one end to the other.[314]
Ely 50[315]
Grand Marais 120[316]
Longville 67 [312]
Mankato 50[312]
Minneapolis 100s (hundreds)[317] January 20 (see St. Paul for the larger Twin Cities march on January 21)
Morris Women's March (31) (32295853342).jpg
250 A 30-minute march took place around downtown Morris, centralized around the Stevens County Courthouse.[318]
Rochester 600–1,000 A protest was held at Silver Lake.[319]
St. Cloud 40 A rally was held at Lake George on January 20, followed by a protest march down Minnesota Highway 23.[320]
St. Paul
People with flags and signs mill about in front of a statehouse on a butty day.
90,000–100,000[321] People marched to the Minnesota State Capitol from various parts of the city. A spokesman for the St. Paul Police stated it was the largest protest in the city since the 2008 Republican National Convention.[322]
 Mississippi Gulfport 300+ More than 300 people showed up at Cafe Climb on Saturday to take part in the Gulf Coast Sisters Solidarity Rally to support the Women's March on Washington[323]
Jackson 1,000 People marched from the Mississippi State Capitol to the Governor's Mansion.[325]
Oxford 450 On the Courthouse Square, attendees built an "action wall" of follow-up actions.[326]
 Missouri Columbia 2,000 Participants marched from Courthouse Plaza through downtown.
Kansas City 10,000[327] The demonstration was held at Washington Square Park in downtown Kansas City.[327]
Springfield 2,000+ People marched to Park Central Square in downtown Springfield. The parade made its way from the parking lot at Springfield's municipal court building, across the Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge and over to Park Central Square where several speakers addressed the crowd. The rally touched on political issues in addition to women's rights. One speaker, Bethany Johnson, a transgender woman, spoke and drew some of the loudest cheers. She also mentioned the 2015 vote that repealed the city's ordinance banning LGBT discrimination in the workplace. Johnson banged the podium and called on the marchers to contact their politicians.[328]
St. Louis 13,000 People marched peacefully in downtown St. Louis from Union Station to a rally at Luther Ely Smith Square.[329]
 Montana Bozeman[citation needed] 13[citation needed]
Helena 10,000[330] People marched through the city and around the Montana State Capitol.[331][332]
Missoula 80–110[333]
 Nebraska Lincoln 2,000–3,000[334] Approximately 2,000 to 3,000 people gathered outside the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Student Union. 40 members of the fraternity Phi Gamma Delta held a counter protest by waving Trump flags off their balcony.
Loup City 125+[335] More than 125 people gathered in the town of Loup City, where the town has a total population of just over 1,000 residents.
Omaha 12,000–14,000[336]
 Nevada Las Vegas 5,000+[337] People marched from East Fremont Street, south on Las Vegas Boulevard to outside the Lloyd D. George Federal District Courthouse.[338]
Women's March on Reno.jpg
10,000[337] Protesters marched in Reno, Nevada.[339]
Stateline 500[340]
 New Hampshire Concord 1,000+[341] More than a thousand marches attended the New Hampshire Women's Day of Action and Unity rally in front of the New Hampshire State House. U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen and others spoke.[341]
Francestown 134[342][343]
Jackson 300
Keene 300[344]
Lancaster 400[345]
Portsmouth 3,000–5,000[346]
Wilton 200[347]
 New Jersey Asbury Park 6,000 Protesters marched in Asbury Park, New Jersey.[348] Singer/songwiter Patti Scialfa attended the march as did U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone.[349]
Leonia 250[350]
Mt. Laurel 20[351]
Pequannock Township/Pompton Plains 800–1,000[351][352][353]
Red Bank 200[354]
Sicklerville 200 About 200 people attended a local women's march in Sicklerville, Camden County, on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017.[355]
South Orange 200[356]
Women's March on New Jersey 1 21 17 - 32073821250.jpg
6,000–7,500 Protesters marched from an overflowing rally in and around the Trenton War Memorial auditorium to another rally outside the State House.[357][358][359]
Westfield 1000s (thousands) Protesters marched in Westfield to Representative Leonard Lance's office.[360]
Wyckoff 300–500[350][351]
 New Mexico Albuquerque 10,000 Protesters rallied at the Civic Plaza.[361][362]
Deming 45–50[363]
Las Cruces 1,500 More than 20 groups were involved in the march, which brought out 1,500[364] concerned residents.[365]
Santa Fe 10,000–15,000[366] Thousands of Santa Feans and other northern New Mexicans marched and held signs in a rally that surrounded the Roundhouse.[367]
 New York Albany 7,000+ A crowd of 7,000 exceeded the initial prediction of 2,000.[368]
Binghamton 3,000 The march was held downtown and exceeded initial estimates for the event.[369]
2017 Buffalo Women's March.jpg
4,500 A march in Niagara Square drew demonstrators and local politicians.[370]
Canton 135[371]
Cobleskill 350 Participants gathered on Main Street, then moved to Centre Park.[372]
Cooperstown 200[373]
Delhi 200[374]
Fredonia 70[375]
Glens Falls 1,500[376]
Hudson 2,000–3,000[377]
Women's March in Ithaca, New York.jpg
10,000 The demonstration began and ended on the Ithaca Commons.[378]
Lewis County 147–325 About 1,000 people total showed up in Plattsburgh and Lewis.[379]
New York City
Women's March on NYC (31638808293).jpg
400,000 In Manhattan, hundreds of thousands marched. The rally began at Trump World Tower and One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (near the Headquarters of the United Nations) and the march proceeded to Trump Tower, Trump's home.[380][381] The Office of the Mayor of New York City announced that the number of attendees was over 400,000.[382][383]
Oneonta 500[373]
Plattsburgh 200[384]
Port Jefferson 2,000[385]
Port Jervis 350–500[386]
Poughkeepsie 5,000 The march took place on the Walkway over the Hudson.[387]
Rochester 1,000–2,000 The protests were mostly peaceful, but 7 people were arrested for punching a photographer covering the event, and for disrupting the peaceful protests.[388]
Sag Harbor 250[389]
Seneca Falls 10,000 The event started at the Women's Rights National Historical Park, the Seneca Falls Convention, an early convention on women's rights in 1848.[390]
Syracuse 2,000 Over 2,000 people gathered at the James Hanley Federal Building.[391]
Utica 100+ Over 100 people gathered in front of Mohawk Valley Community College and the Utica State Office Building to join in the march.[392][393][394]
Watertown 250[395]
Woodstock 1,000 The march ran from the Andy Lee Field parking lot down Rock City Road to Mill Hill Road.[396]
 North Carolina Asheville
Women's March 2017 Asheville.jpg
7,000–10,000[397] A women's march took place in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. The march began at Park Square and then moved throughout downtown Asheville. Estimated attendance is between 7,000 and 10,000 people making it the largest assembly in Asheville since 2013.[398]
Black Mountain 100s (hundreds)[399] The group marched downtown, from the town square to St. James Episcopal Church.[399]
Charlotte 25,000[400] Lasting from 10 a.m. to noon, attendance was ten times what had been expected, according to event organizers.[401] Some participants came from surrounding communities, including Concord, Rock Hill and Indian Trail. Attendees included Mayor Jennifer Roberts, U.S. Rep. Alma Adams (D-Charlotte) and state Senator Jeff Jackson (D-Mecklenburg). According to the CMPD, the march was peaceful, with no arrests or disturbances reported.[402]
Greensboro 3,000–6,000 Downtown Greensboro[403]
Hillsborough There was a rally in Hillsborough.[404]
Mooresville 70[405]
Morganton 500 People marched down Union Street to the Burke County Courthouse.[406]
New Bern 600[407]
Raleigh 17,000 People demonstrated peacefully at the Raleigh Women's March. U.S. Representative David Price also attended.[408]
Wilmington 3,000[409] A Women's March on Washington sister event was held in Wilmington, NC. Taking place at the intersection of Third and Princess streets, the rally began at 10 am and was attended by between 1,000 and 1,500 participants.[410]
Winston-Salem A march was planned from the Parkway United Church of Christ.[411]
  North Dakota Bismarck 500[412]
Fargo < 3,000[413]
Grand Forks 304[414]
 Ohio Athens 150–200 Protesters marched through downtown the night of January 20.[415]
Chillicothe 1,000 Protesters gathered at the Ross County Courthouse and then marched to Yoctangee Park.[416]
Cincinnati Washington Park Cincinnati.jpg 7,000+[417] The Women's March started at noon at Washington Park, and after representatives from several civic groups spoke, the march started towards City Hall, and back to Washington Park.[418]
Women’s March in Cleveland (31631117593).jpg
15,000 Protesters gathered at Public Square and then marched through Downtown.[419]
Columbus 3,000 Protesters gathered at the Ohio State House.[420]
Dayton 3,000 Protesters rallied at the Courthouse Square.[421]
Kent 100[citation needed]
Lakeside 300[422]
Mount Vernon 20–30[citation needed]
Toledo 100s (hundreds) "Several hundred" marched across the Martin Luther King Bridge.[423]
Troy 150–200[424]
Wooster 500–1,000[425]
Yellow Springs 250[426]
 Oklahoma Oklahoma City 12,000+ Demonstrations were held in front of the Oklahoma State Capitol.[427]
Tulsa 1,000 A rally was held at the John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park.[428]
 Oregon Ashland 8,000[429] Ashland police estimated 8,000 participants in the Ashland Women's March.[429][430]
Astoria 100–1,000[431]
Bandon 65[432] Women's Peace March held Friday, January 20, 2017.[432]
Bend 5,000[433] A rally was held at Drake Park followed by a rally through Downtown.[434]
Brookings[429] 275[435]
Burns[429] 20[citation needed]
Coos Bay 200[436]
Corvallis[437] 100s (hundreds)[437]
Women's March Eugene, Oregon - 32322930862.jpg
7,000+ 7,000 participated in women's March in Eugene.[438]
Florence[429] 250–350[439]
Halfway 31[citation needed]
Hood River 200[440]
Joseph[429] 300[441]
Klamath Falls 200[442][443]
La Grande[429] 400[444]
McMinnville 700[445] Photos of march.[446]
Newport[429] 1,500[447]
Pendleton[429] 425[448]
Port Orford 280–300[449][435]
Women's March on Portland - 07.jpg
100,000 People attended the Women's March on Portland.[450]
Salem 2,000 Governor Kate Brown participated in the march.[451]
Tillamook[429] 300[452]
 Pennsylvania Beaver 300[453]
Bethlehem 500[454]
Bloomsburg 40–60
Doylestown 2,000[455] Organizers began planning 6 days before originally anticipating 300 or less attendees.
Erie 2,500[456] A demonstration was held in Penn Square.
Harrisburg 1,100[457] Protesters marched from Kunkle Plaza to the Pennsylvania State Capitol.
Indiana 100–200[458]
Lancaster 100s (hundreds)[459] Crowd gathered in Penn Square
Lewisburg 150–200[citation needed] "300 community members gathered at Hufnagle Park"[460]
Philadelphia 50,000[461][462] The event included an actual march from Logan Square to Eakins Oval, and a rally at Eakins Oval.[463]
Pittsburgh 25,000[464] Marched through the city to Market Square.
Reading 100s (hundreds)[465] Demonstration in City Park
Riegelsville 170[466]
Selinsgrove 120[467] Demonstration at the Selinsgrove Post Office for the Central Susquehanna Valley Region.
Sharon 700[468]
State College 300–500 "The rally (at the Allen Street gates) attracted a couple hundred people."[469]
West Chester 150–200[470]
 Puerto Rico[471] Mayaguez[citation needed]
San Juan[citation needed] Photo[472]
Santurce[citation needed]
Vieques 200[473]
 Rhode Island Providence 5,000 The R.I. Women's Solidarity Rally was held on the Rhode Island State House lawn. Governor Gina Raimondo participated.[474][475] Young people from Classical High School spoke to the crowd.
 South Carolina Beaufort An impromptu meeting dubbed "Cookies and Concerns" occurred at a pavilion in the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park where participants had unstructured discussions on current events and issues and were asked to bring cookies to donate to local charities.[476]
CHS women's march brittlebank pano.jpg
2,000+ The Charleston Women's March began as a convey from nine parking garages downtown and converged at Brittlebank Park at noon. More than 2,000 attended this peaceful rally.[477]
Clemson 500 The marchers followed a route from the Littlejohn Community Center down State 93 to the Strom Thurmond theater on the Clemson University campus.[478]
Columbia 2,000–3,000 "Stand Up" rally for women's rights and social issues attended by 2,000–3,000 was held in Columbia, South Carolina. The participants gathered at the South Carolina State House grounds and marched to the Music Farm.[479]
Greenville 2,000 A peaceful rally was held at the Falls Park amphitheater in Greenville from noon until 2 pm. Attendance was estimated at 2,000.[478]
 South Dakota Pierre 130[480] Rally in state capital[481]
Rapid City 1,000[482]
Sioux Falls 3,300[483]
Vermillion 500+ Participants marched along Main Street to the Courthouse.[484]
 Tennessee Chattanooga 3,000[485]
Jonesborough 1,000 The Tri-Cities' rally was held at the Washington County Courthouse.[486]
Knoxville Women's March 01.jpg
2,000 An assembly was held in Market Square.[487]
Memphis 9,000+[488] Marchers gathered at the Judge D'Army Bailey Courthouse and marched 1.2 miles to the National Civil Rights Museum.
Murfreesboro[citation needed]
Signs at Nashville Women's March.jpg
15,000+[489] Participants marched about one mile (1.6 km) through downtown Nashville. The march started at Cumberland Park near Nissan Stadium, crossed the Cumberland River on the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge, and ended at Public Square.[489]
Oak Ridge 500[490] Protest organizers expected about 70 people, but roughly 500 people showed up at the Oak Ridge Unitarian Universalist Church.[491]
 Texas Abilene 200[492] Protesters rallied outside of the Abilene City Hall.
Alpine 96 [53]
Amarillo 500[493] Protesters marched from Ellwood Park to the Potter County Courthouse and back.
Hundreds of people in light clothes, many holding homemade signs, stand in front of several trees and a light stone building.
40,000–50,000[494] The crowd gathered at the Texas State Capitol and marched through the streets of downtown Austin for the Women's March on Austin. The Austin Police Department estimated that the crowd was about 40,000 to 50,000, becoming the largest march in Texas history.[495][496][497][498] It was initially expected to draw 30,000 protesters or more.[499]

The march was endorsed by former Texas State Senator and 2014 Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, Texas Representative Senfronia Thompson, and author Lizzie Velasquez, who gave speeches at the Texas State Capital in downtown Austin. Austin Mayor Steve Adler and U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett were also in attendance.[500] Organizations such as Women Rising and Taylor Collective Solutions, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, Texas Freedom Network, Progress Texas and Annie's List also endorsed the march.[500]

Beaumont 200[501] Protesters from the Golden Triangle marched for an hour.
Brownsville 300[502]
College Station 50 Dozens marched through the campus of Texas A&M University.[503]
Corpus Christi 24+ Dozens rallied at the Corpus Christi Federal Courthouse.[504]
Dallas 3,000–7,000,[505] 10,000[506] Marchers gathered at City Hall and marched through downtown, Deep Ellum and East Dallas.[505]
Denton 2,500[507] A United Denton organized the Women's March to be held in Denton, Texas. The downtown square was packed by 12:30 pm.[506]
Eagle Pass 60[508]
El Paso
Women's March in El Paso wrap up.
1,000[509] The march ran from Armijo Park in El Segundo Barrio to San Jacinto Plaza in Downtown.
Fort Worth
Hundreds of people stand before and on the front steps of a brown stone building. The sky is blue with light clouds.
5,000–9,000[510] The march began at the Tarrant County Courthouse and moved down Main and back up Houston Street. This was a Unity march that organizers say gives voice to people from "every cross-section of culture".[511][512][513]
Houston 22,000[514] Starting at the Sabine Street Bridge, protesters marched through downtown to Houston City Hall.[514][515] Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner spoke out during the event.[516]
Lubbock 350 Protesters gathered on the southwest corner of 19th Street and University, at the Timothy Cole statue.[517]
Marfa 80[518]
Midland 50[519] The march was held near Midland Park Mall.[519][520]
Nacogdoches 200–300[521]
San Antonio 1,500 Protesters gathered at San Antonio's City Hall.[522]
Wichita Falls 150–200 Protesters marched two miles through Wichita Falls.[523][524]
 Utah Bluff 48[citation needed]
Kanab 175[525]
Logan 50[526]
Moab 250–300[527]
Ogden 300[528]
Park City 8,000[529] Celebrities protested at the Sundance Film Festival against Trump and for women's rights. One of the messages was "Love Trumps Hate". Celebrities in attendance included Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, John Legend, Kevin Bacon, Chelsea Handler, and Benjamin Bratt. It was supported by Justice Party, Planned Parenthood Association of Utah, Equality Now, Sentry Financial, and other organizations.[530]
Saint George 1,400[531] Southern Utah is largely conservative and anything more than a token protest of a few hundred was not expected.[532]
Salt Lake City[533][534] 5,700[535]
 Vermont Brattleboro 250[536]
Killington 51–112[citation needed]
Montpelier 20,000[384] Bernie Sanders attended the event.[537]
United States Virgin Islands Virgin Islands St. Croix 500[538] "More than 500 women and men marched"[538]
St. John 200[538]
St. Thomas 300[538]
 Virginia Alexandria 17
Arlington[citation needed]
Charlottesville 1,000s (thousands) "Thousands" rallied at the Ix Art Park.[539]
Floyd[540] 200[541]
Norfolk 2,000 Two groups marched separately with similar messages.[542] Both groups eventually joined up to complete the march together.[citation needed]
Onley 50–70[543][544]
Richmond 2,000[545]
Womans March Roanoke Virginia.jpg
4,000[546] Estimates from crowd higher.[547]
St. John[citation needed]
Staunton 100[548]
Williamsburg 700–1,000[549]
Winchester 700–1,300[550]
Woodstock 400[551]
 Washington Anacortes 1,200[552] Hundreds of men and women took to the sidewalks of downtown Anacortes for a Women's March focused on equality and unity as night fell on Friday's Inauguration Day.[552]
Bellingham 5,000 to 10,000[553]
Bainbridge Island 12
Chelan 450[554]
Eastsound 250[555]
Ephrata 250[556] The turnout was three times larger than expected.[556]
Forks 35[557]
Friday Harbor 1,500[558] 200 of the marchers were from the neighboring Shaw, Lopez and Orcas Islands.[558]
Issaquah 56[citation needed]
Kingston 40[559] Near Bremerton, Washington, dozens rallied alongside Washington State Route 104.
Langley 1,000–2,000[560]
Longview 200[561]
Mount Vernon 100s ("several hundred")[562]
Ocean Shores 150[563]
2017 Women's March at Olympia.jpg
Port Angeles 200[566]
Port Townsend 300[567]
Richland 1,000 Organizers had originally expected 200 participants.[568]
Marchers, most wearing jackets, walk along a street in front of a brick building, carrying signs.
175,000[569] The Women's March on Seattle march took place from Judkins Park to the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. Participants filled the entire length of the 3.6-mile (5.8 km) route.[570][571] Sound Transit and King County Metro rerouted many bus routes and added additional Link light rail service in anticipation of disruption to the city's transportation grid.[572]
Sequim 100 "Organizers estimate more than 100 people attended."[573]
Spokane 8,000[574]
Twisp 800[575]
Vancouver 150[576]
Vashon 250[577] "Risa Stahl...said one unofficial count was 253 people and 22 dogs, much higher than what she expected."[577]
Walla Walla 2,000[568]
Wenatchee < 2,000[578]
Yakima 700–1,000 The marchers went from City Hall to a Unitarian Universalist church.[579]
 West Virginia Charleston 3,000[580]
Fairmont 100[581]
 Wisconsin Appleton 3 Two women in town to audition at Lawrence University joined with a solitary demonstrator at Houdini Plaza.[582]
Bayfield 400+[583]
Eau Claire 250[584][585]
Fort Atkinson 200[586][587]
Green Bay 200 Protesters marched over the Ray Nitschke Memorial Bridge.[588]
Hillsboro 40 "More than 40 women, men and children marched in Hillsboro."[589]
La Crosse 76–100[citation needed] Protesters met under the clock tower at UWL and then marched down State Street to the downtown area.[590]
75,000–100,000[591] The protest occurred around the Wisconsin State Capitol and along State Street in Madison.[591]

Media related to Madison Women's March at TRUMPcommons
Marquette 1,000[592]
Menomonie 400[593]
Milwaukee Women's March - 09.jpg
1,000 Around 1,000 gathered for a march through Milwaukee that ended at a local brewery.[594]
Plymouth 200[595]
Sheboygan 300[595]
Wausau 200+ A supportive march was held in Wausau in rainy weather.[596][597]
 Wyoming Casper 300-1,000[598][599] Approximately 300–500 people marched through downtown Casper, significantly more than the organizers expectations.
Cheyenne 1,500–2,000[600]
Cody 500[601] Photos of march.[602]
Jackson Hole 1,000[206]
Lander 350[603][604]
Pinedale 150[603][604]
Rock Springs[605]

Worldwide[edit | edit source]

Listed below are 137 marches outside the United States in support of the 2017 Women's March.

Country Locations Photo Approximate attendance Notes
 Antarctica McMurdo Station 95[606] About 95 of McMurdo Station's 800 people marched to Hut Point, the site of the hut of the Discovery Expedition under Robert Falcon Scott. Marchers did not carry signs because nearly all poster materials at the station are U.S. Government property.[606]
Paradise Bay 30[607] People travelled to Paradise Bay for a "pro-peace, pro-environment" march, highlighting the environmental issues that affect the Antarctica climate they feel is threatened by Trump's stated policies.[607][608]
 Argentina Buenos Aires[609]
Women's March in Buenos Aires 10.jpg
100 People gathered in front of the US embassy in Argentina. The protest was spontaneously organized by an American woman living in Buenos Aires, and joined by many American and Argentinean women and men. Other local political movements also joined, like Las Piqueteras.[610]
 Australia Sydney
Women's March on Sydney passing through Pitt Street Mall.jpg
8,000–10,000[611] Protesters gathered in Hyde Park.[611] Some Australian Trump supporters paid a skywriting company $4,000 to write "TRUMP" in the sky during the march.[612]
Canberra 1,000 Participants gathered in Garema Place.[613]
Melbourne 5,000[614] to 7,000[615] People marched in from the State Library of Victoria to Parliament House.[614]
 Austria Vienna 2,000[613]
 Belgium Brussels 2,000 People gathered at the "Muntplein" in central Brussels.
 Brazil Brasília[609]
 Canada Calgary
Women's March in Calgary (32453883945).jpg
4,000[616] More than thirty events were organized across Canada with at least twenty organized in British Columbia alone.[617] Other cities included: Balfour, Bowen Island, Calgary, Castlegar, Charlottetown, Courtenay, Edmonton, Fredericton, Gabriola Island, Grand Forks, Halifax, Hamilton, Kamloops, Kelowna, Kingston, Kootenay Bay, Lethbridge, London, Montreal, Nanaimo, North West River, Orangedale, Ottawa, Prince George, Revelstoke, Roberts Creek, St. Catharines, Saint John, Salmon Arm, Salt Spring Island, Saskatoon, St. John's, Sutton, Sydney, Timmins,[618] Tofino, Victoria, Winnipeg, and Yellowknife.[619][620][621]

Hundreds of Canadians are estimated to have travelled to Washington, D.C., to attend the rally.[622][623] A number of Canadians heading to the United States to attend other protests and rallies were turned away at the Canada–United States border.[624][625] In at least one case border agents went through the individual's email and Facebook before denying him entry.[624]

Edmonton 2,000[626]-4,000[627]
2017 Women's March in Montréal.jpg
Ottawa Women's March (30).jpg
Women's march to denounce Donald Trump, in Toronto, 2017 01 21 -at (31614004284).jpg
Ya goof! (31605832784).jpg
Victoria 2,000[634]
 Chile Santiago[609]
 Colombia Bogotá[609] 150[635]
 Costa Rica San José[609]
 Croatia Zagreb Protesters led by the representatives from the Citizens' Initiative "United Against Hate" gethered at the Square of Petar Preradović in 11:55 am (In the Balkans, expression "five to noon" symbolizes the very last moment to take action). The organizers' slogan was "Our fight lasts throughout the year."[636][637]
 Czech Republic Prague 700[638] People gathered in Wenceslas Square in freezing weather, mockingly waving portraits of Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin, as well banners that read "Love Trumps Hate".[639][640]
 Denmark Copenhagen 5,000[641] Protesters marched from the US-embassy to the parliament.[641]
 Finland Helsinki 100s (hundreds)[642] Gathered in Kamppi Square in solidarity to defend women's rights and the environment. They emphasized that these issues concern all people, not only Americans or women. The organizers' slogan was "When there's nothing you can do, you can not just do nothing." The rally included members of parliament Ozan Yanar, Ville Niinistö, Eva Biaudet, and Paavo Arhinmäki.[642]
 France Auvillar [643]
Bordeaux 300
Montpellier 1500[644]
Nice [643]
2017.01.21 womensmarchparis 02.jpg
7,000+[645] There were also protesters for women's rights in Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice, and Toulouse.[608]
Strasbourg 500[646]
Toulouse 700
Marseille 200
 Georgia Tbilisi[609]
 Germany Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Heidelberg and Munich
Frankfurt Women's March 2017 - Altstadt.jpg
3,750+ 2,100 in Frankfurt, 600 in Munich, 500 in Berlin, and 800 in Heidelberg[647][648][649][650]
Hamburg Given as "Bad Homburg auf der Höhe" on the website, but actually at the U.S. Consolate General
 Ghana Accra[609]
 Greece Athens 100–1,000+ Protesters marched in the streets of Athens for human rights, women's rights, and refugee rights. Large numbers of refugees and children joined the protests. Signs had Anti-fascism and pro-immigrant slogans and chants echoed those around the world in condemning far right agendas and the need for the equality of women. Crowds gathered first at Syntagma Square then marched to the U.S. Embassy in Athens.[608][651][652]
 Hungary Budapest[609]
 Hong Kong Hong Kong[609] 20+ Individual groups banded together in unofficial mini movements across Hong Kong.
 Iceland Reykjavik 200[653]
 India Over 20 cities including Bangalore, Kolkata, New Delhi and at the Taj Mahal. Marched in solidarity against the issue of rape, as well as following the Women's March itself. The protests and marches also used the hashtag #IWillGoOut.[654][655][656]
 Indonesia Yogyakarta 100s (hundreds) Women gathered in the city of Yogyakarta to promote peace and women's rights.[657]
Jakarta [658] 700+ Hundreds of people gathered near the National Monument, sending a plea for maintaining gender equality, ending street harassment and LGBT discrimination, etc. March was organized individually.
 Iraq Erbil 100s (hundreds) A group of demonstrators in Iraqi Kurdistan, both locals and expats, met at the Erbil Main Square Citadel on Saturday night to show their support for women's rights.[659]
 Ireland Galway 250–300 A crowd of around 250 to 300 people gathered in Eyre Square in Galway in the afternoon. Attendees heard calls for a united front to counter the impact of the new US administration.[660]
Dublin 1000s (thousands) Thousands gathered to march down O'Connell Street.[661] Though the march was originally planned to conclude with a rally at the General Post Office, crowds became so large it had to be moved to Parnell Square.[662] The march was organized by the Abortion Rights Campaign, Amnesty International Ireland, European Network Against Racism, ROSA,[663] and The Coalition to Repeal the 8th, and supported by groups such as the National Women's Council of Ireland and the Union of Students in Ireland. Events also took place in Castlebar.[661]
 Israel Tel Aviv 400–500 Protestors gathered outside the U.S. Embassy. The local time accommodated the local Sabbath observance as well as the time zone difference. The majority in attendance were American Israelis, along with immigrants from other Anglophone countries and native Israelis. Chanting in Hebrew and English and holding signs, the protests aimed at Trump also included opposition to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government's policies, particularly the occupation of the Palestinian territories.[664]
 Italy Florence[609]
Rome 100s (hundreds) Protesters gathered outside the Pantheon in Rome. Their messages included "Women's rights are human rights" and "Yes we must".[608]
 Japan Tokyo 650 Protestors, mostly expats and women, marched in Tokyo's Hibiya Park, far exceeding the 150 who registered. The event was organized by Erica Summers, a Los Angeles resident who was traveling abroad at the time of the March of Washington, with assistance from Democrats Abroad.[665]
 Jordan Amman 30+ Women held workshops in the city of Amman to promote women's rights and tolerance.[657]
 Kenya Nairobi
Women's March (VOA) 23.jpg
700[666] Women, men and children from Kenya and around the world marched in Karura Forest[667] to support women's rights, human rights and social justice, and in solidarity with the nearly 700 other Sister Marches around the world. Marchers mobilized to make demands of the Kenyan government, while also calling on the new US government and governments around the world to reject policies that limit women's rights.[citation needed] The march was endorsed by a wide range of Kenyan and international civil society organizations including the Amnesty International Kenya, the Centre for Rights Awareness and Education (CREAW), the Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders, the Coalition on Violence Against Women (COVAW), the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya, Her Voice Kenya, Human Rights Watch, the Kenya Human Rights Commission, Kenya Sex Worker Alliance (KESWA), Minority Women in Action, the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (NGLHRC), and the World March of Women – Kenya Chapter.[citation needed]
 Kosovo Pristina 100s (hundreds) In Pristina, capital of the largely Muslim former Yugoslav republic of Kosovo, a few hundred protestors, mostly women, joined a protest against the new Trump administration.[608][638]
 Latvia Riga 200[668] In Riga, the capital of Latvia, approximately 200 people gathered to march from the Polish Gate through the Old Town, ending at the Freedom Monument.[669]
 Lebanon Beirut 30+ A women-led event consisting of dialogue and action workshops was held in Lebanon in lieu of a public rally.[659]
 Lithuania Vilnius 120 Approximately 120 people attended Sister March Vilnius.[670]
 Macau Macau[609] 100 Groups of people gathering around Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança in Taipa, Macau.
 Malawi Lilongwe[608]
 Mexico Mexico City 100s (hundreds)[671] A demonstration was held at the United States Embassy, followed by a large march went from to the Angel of Independence by Mexicans and Americans, who protested against President Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, who has only a 12% approval rating. They called for gender equality and women's rights.[608][672]
 Myanmar (Burma) Yangon (Rangoon) Dozens Because political circumstances would not permit a march, dozens of people instead attended a "solidarity picnic".[673]
 Netherlands Amsterdam
Amsterdam Women's March L1003135-Edit (32399726686).jpg
The Hague 100s (hundreds)[675] Protestors walked from Maliveld to the US Embassy.[675]
 New Zealand Auckland 2,000 Because of time differences, the first marches held were in New Zealand. Around 300 to 400 protesters reportedly also attended rallies in Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill.[676][677]
Dunedin 400[678] Dunedin had 400 people eager to march in solidarity with their U.S. sisters.
2017 01 21 wellington 051 (31646554814).jpg
 Nigeria Jos Protesters gathered in Jos, Plateau State and marched to the state's House of Assembly to demand the passage of a gender equality bill that has been stalled.[680]
 Norway Oslo 2,000 Likewise, hundreds of people marched in Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø.[681]
 Peru Lima[609]
 Philippines Manila 500+ Marched in front of the US Embassy in Manila. Protest was led by leftist feminist group GABRIELA Women's Party. Aside from women's rights issues, the march also protested American imperialist and neoliberal policies.[682][683][684]
 Poland Gdańsk[685]
Kraków 100 Participants gathered in front of the US Consulate.[686]
 Portugal Lisbon, Porto
Marcha das Mulheres no Porto DY5A0982 (32484930135).jpg
500+ Marched next to the embassy of the United States of America.[688] Likewise, marches happened in Porto, Coimbra, Braga and Faro.[689]
 Scotland Edinburgh 2,000[690] Leah Higgins and Calum Stewart, both 16, organized the Women's March through social media, invited people to protest against the alleged sexism, racism and homophobia of the newly inaugurated US leader.[691]
 Serbia Belgrade[609]
 South Africa Cape Town 500[692] Women gathered at Company's Garden for a solidarity march with the Washington protesters.[693] In addition to questioning Trump's leadership, one of the messages was "Climate change is a women's issue".[608]
 South Korea Seoul 1,000 Protesters gathered and marched in the snow.[694]
 Spain Barcelona
Women's march Barcelona.jpg
700 Approximately 700 protesters gathered in Barcelona.[695]
Granada Dozens[696]
Madrid 500/50 A sister march was held on Friday, January 20th to coincide with the inauguration. Protesters marched from Ópera to Puerta del Sol. [697]

On Saturday, Jan. 2st, protesters gathered at the US Embassy to show international solidarity against Trump's "homophobic, xenophobic, and racist" policies.[698]

 Sweden Stockholm 1000s (thousands) Gathered at Norrmalmstorg for a solidarity march.[699]
Åre 50–60[700] A protest on cross-country skis took place.[700]
  Switzerland Geneva 3,000 Marched across the Pont du Mont-Blanc bridge and along the Lake Geneva shoreline.[701]
 Tanzania Dar es Salaam 220 The march occurred on Msasani Road and promoted Women's Health and Safety in Tanzania.[lower-alpha 1]
 Thailand Bangkok[609] Dozens
 United Kingdom London[703]
Women's March London - Garry Knight.jpg
100,000 Protesters marched 2 miles (3.2 km) in London from Grosvenor Square in Mayfair, past the US embassy and onto Trafalgar Square.[703][608][704] Speakers included Sandi Toksvig and Yvette Cooper.[705] Issues included women's, workers', and LGBT rights, as well as Brexit.[608]
Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, York and Southampton 1000s (thousands)

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  1. "Includes interview of Delaware resident that participated in Dar Es Salaam march",[702]

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