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  • 90% of workers likely to see more money in paycheck next month - The U.S. Treasury released new withholding tables for employers yesterday that incorporate changes from the tax law signed by President Donald J. Trump last month. Under these new tables, Treasury “estimates that 90% of people who get a paycheck are likely to see more in take-home pay, as soon as February.”
  • Automaker Fiat Chrysler announced it is moving production of its heavy-duty trucks from Mexico to Michigan and will pay bonuses to U.S. workers because of the recent tax reform legislation. The Warren, Michigan, plant will add 2,500 new jobs, and bonuses will be awarded to 60,000 hourly and salaried workers, according to The Associated Press.
  • A new story from Axios breaks down how the Trump Administration is working toward modernizing Medicaid. Today, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approved work requirements for “all beneficiaries between 19 and 64, with exceptions for pregnant women, people who are considered ‘medically frail,’ primary caregivers and people with acute medical conditions,” Axios reports.
  • Harold Hamm writes in RealClearPolitics that the first year of the Trump presidency has been “historically good for America.” Hamm explains that “no matter what spin the media put on the first year of the new administration, the numbers don’t lie. What began as a Trump rally in November 2016 has turned into the Great American Economic Renaissance.”
  • In Montgomery Advertiser, Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries Commissioner John McMillan writes that rural communities hold the key to Alabama’s future. “’Rural Prosperity,’ the title of a just-released report by the Trump Administration, comes at a most opportune time,” McMillan writes. “President Donald Trump and U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue deserve tremendous credit.”

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