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  • Trump Signs Order to Expedite Forgiving Student Loan Debt for Disabled Veterans - “President Donald Trump signed a memo to automatically discharge federal student loan debt for permanently and totally disabled veterans during his visit to Louisville Wednesday, where he addressed more than 1,000 veterans,” Chris Kenning reports for the Courier-Journal. “I have taken executive action to make sure our wounded warriors are not saddled with mountains of student debt,” the President told the crowd, vowing to eliminate “every penny” of the average $30,000 of student loan debt facing roughly 25,000 disabled veterans.
  • “How do you stop the torrent of kids risking their lives and coming to America illegally? One key way: by finally fixing the Flores agreement, as President Trump hopes to do,” the New York Post editorial board writes. “Wednesday, Trump unveiled a plan to scrap the 20-day limit on keeping migrant kids in detention. The cap . . . set up a Catch-22: If kids can’t be held more than 20 days, and no one wants to separate them from their parents (or other adults they come with), then the only option is to release the whole family. That creates an enormous incentive for adult migrants to bring kids along, even if the journey puts them in danger.”
  • “Vice President Mike Pence stepped up pressure on Congress to support the Trump administration’s new trade deal with Mexico and Canada, taking his pitch Wednesday to a congressional swing district in New Mexico,” Morgan Lee reports for The Associated Press. “We need to pass the USMCA and that’s going to open the door to a boundless future of American energy,” the Vice President said.
  • “The number of Americans filing applications for unemployment benefits fell sharply last week, suggesting the labor market was holding firm,” Jason Lange reports for Reuters. “Initial claims for state unemployment benefits dropped 12,000 to a seasonally adjusted 209,000 for the week ended Aug. 17, the Labor Department said on Thursday. The decline was sharper than expected.”

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