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Welcome to TRUMPipedia, your online, multilingual, pro-Trump encyclopedia. TRUMPipedia is the only Donald Trump encyclopedia online, and aspires to create the largest Donald Trump encyclopedia known to man. No topic is too large nor small to cover. If it relates to President Donald Trump, we want to cover it. We have been online since 2015, first starting as a static website and then moving on to WordPress format in 2016. Always wanting to be a true encyclopedia, installing the MediaWiki software was a must. We scrapped the WordPress format, moved on to MediaWiki, and never looked back. And we never will. As we move forward, you can expect only the best, as we keep the Wiki software up-to-date and full of the latest robust features. We may not be Wikipedia, but the TRUMP Encyclopedia comes very close. You can read more about TRUMPipedia and our creation by visiting TRUMPipedia:About.

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This template is transcluded on to the Main Page to be used as forerunner to introduce the site. Appearing close to the bottom of the page, it can be used on other pages by calling {{About TRUMPipedia}}