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Before Trump/After Trump (B.T.™/A.T.™) refers to the time period on the Gregorian calendar which specified life before the ascension of Donald Trump to the Presidency. Due to the administration's incompetency in the White House at the time, former President Obama, the Supreme Court, the Senate and the Congress was out of control and no longer represented "WE THE PEOPLE." The Supreme Court was writing the law instead of interpreting the law. The Senate and the Congress refused to work together despite the Republican majority of the Congress. President Obama's "pen and phone" had eradicated our elected "REPRESENTATIVES" power to represent us, WE THE PEOPLE, and had seemingly become a dictator rather than the President of a Republic. President Obama chose to address issues that were of no presidential concern such as police issues and many other issues which should have been delegated to and decided solely by the individual STATES of our Union while he neglected our country's national security issues which are instilled by The Constitution in addition to our dismal economy. President Obama's whole mission began unfolding for everyone to clearly see, appearing to reform this country and growing the Federal government out of proportion to its Constitutional requirements. This is exactly what you might expect from a "community organizer" who has somehow managed to reach the level of POTUS. Take a look!

This Before Trump/After Trump (B.T.™/A.T.™) Timeline clearly illustrates the havoc President Obama has wreaked upon The United States of America and also clearly illustrates how and why Donald J. Trump will, without a shred of doubt, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Please click on ALL statements for verification.

B.T.™[edit | edit source]

Life "Before Trump"[edit | edit source]

Life in the Before Trump era proved to be a rocky road to extinction.
  • America Brought to Its Knees
  • More Government - Less Freedoms
  • Indecipherable Tax Codes
  • Gun Control
  • ILLEGAL Immigration
  • Billion Dollar Government Websites Don't Work and Are Not Secure
  • Welfare[2]
  • National Debt in TRILLIONS OF $[3]
  • Dependence on Foreign Oil[4]
  • Poor Choice of Cabinet
  • U.S. Credit Rating Downgraded for 1st Time in American History[5]
  • U.S. Loses in Trade[6]
  • Veterans Receive Worst Care[7]
  • Deals with the Devil[8]
  • Climate Change (f/k/a Global Warming)[9]
  • Common Core Education[10]
  • Apologizes to Terrorists[11]
  • Not Acknowledging ISIS (i.e. ISIL)[12]
  • Disrespect of World Leaders[13]
  • Dismantling Our Military[14]
  • Alienating ISRAEL[15]
  • Social Security Broke[16]
  • NO Planning in Planned Parenthood
  • Political Correctness
  • Does Not Acknowledge We the People[17]
  • Black Lives Matter[18]
  • Pen and a Phone[19]
  • LIES[20]

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